Malaysia Smart Servers
Lifetime Recurring Discount!
Dedicated Smart Servers
Power & Control Within Your Budget!
   Up to 80.00% lifetime discount available!
Starting at RM299.00 /month
High Performance
Connected to global 13 Tbits/s network capacity
Unlimited Bandwidth
Fully Dedicated
Unlimited Size Anti-DDoS Protection
If you're looking for scalable dedicated servers with extreme power yet affordable, dedicated smart servers are best for you!

Dedicated smart servers are perfect for businesses or organisations that are looking for power and flexibility.
With dedicated smart server, you can scale up server specifications anytime without needing to re-provision, all your software and applications will continue to work perfectly after upgrade.
Special Discount Promo
20% discount  RM60.00 
8 x Intel Xeon 3.5/3.9Ghz vCPU
2 x 500GB Disk Space (RAID)
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
2 Dedicated IP Included
SS Series
Stock Under Replenishment
Special Discount Promo
25% discount  RM125.00 
8 x Intel Xeon 3.5/3.9Ghz vCPU
2 x 1TB Enterprise Disk (RAID)
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
2 Dedicated IP
SS Series
Stock Under Replenishment
Special Discount Promo
30% discount  RM230.00 
8 x Intel Xeon 3.5/3.9Ghz vCPU
2 x 1.5TB HDD (RAID)
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
2 Dedicated IP Included
SS Series
Dedicated Smart Server Features and Specifications
  • Anti-DDoS Protection (Up to 4,096Gbps)
  • Firewall & Antivirus Protection
  • Dedicated ECC RAM
  • Enterprise HDD or SSD Storage (RAID1)
  • Windows or Linux Operating System
  • MSPC, SolidCP or WHM/cPanel Control Panel
  • Backed by 12 Tbps High Quality Bandwidth
  • Server Management Included

Dedicated Smart Server

Optimum Performance
Dedicated server resources dedicated to host your website, email, services, database or app
Uptime Guarantee
99.99% uptime guarantee provided by reliable servers & networking redundancy
Strong Security
Security updates, antivirus, Web Application Firewall (Linux) & Anti-DDos protection
Value-For Money
Our company moto is to target your hosting needs and to givey ou value for money
Data Mirroring
Mirroring provides real-time protection against data lost & no downtime upon hardware failure
Server Management
Server management to ease your mind where we will maintain and take care the OS
Root Access
Root access to have total control of your server remotely via dedicated IP
Technical Support
Technical support team provides direct high-level 24/7 support to assist you when needed

Direct Root Access

For self-managed Dedicated Smart Servers, you can access them remotely through root or admin user, and have full control on your dedicated servers.
You can access your Windows servers from remote location by using the Remote Desktop client software which provides a user with a graphical interface. You can access your Linux servers remotely vis SSH protocol, SSH is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Client software such as Putty can be use.

Hosting Control Panel

The optional web hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by us that allows users to manage your server and hosted services such as create domain, manage email accounts, DNS, FTP, databases and so on. Linux servers uses the popular license WHM/cPanel where as Windows Servers uses MSPControl or SolidCP control panel.
Hosting Expert
Yeahhost is a web hosting expert with more than 14 years experience in managing servers for hosting purposes that aims to remain as one of the best web hosting providers in Malaysia and worldwide.
Secure & Reliable with 99.99% Uptime
Our shared hosting servers are secured by multi-layers of security protections, together with redundancy capabilities that will ensure maximum service uptime for all users.
Dedicated Server Resources for Smart Servers
Dedicated server resources allocated for virtual smart servers to ensure you get optimum performance for the value you pay for.
24/7 Technical Support
We provide round the clock technical support, 365 days a year.

We are an Expert Hosting Provider

Thanks for unfaltering trusts and support to all of our customers, who are ranging from individuals, micro-businesses, small & medium size organizations to large enterprises. Below are some of our valued customers.
Please call (604) 641 5668
You can also submit a ticket regarding sales, billing, support or general enquiries by clicking here

Learn More About Our Smart Server

What is a Yeahhost Smart Server?

Our smart servers are virtual machines host in a dedicated server with server resource allocated either dedicated or semi-dedicated for you. Unlike share servers or VPS where many accounts and virtual machines share the resources of a single host server. You will experience consistent server resources allocated to you.

What situation requires a smart server?

If you require total control of a host server, such as the requirement to install your own custom software which is prohibited in share hosting enviroment.
Also if your app is CPU intensive or you expect high and consistant server performance then our smart server will be suitable for you.

What is server management plan?

We will always maintain the hardware and network of all hosting services.

Server management plan will be apply by default with servers that includes web based control panel.
With our server management plan applied, we will mantain your OS, perform task such as system upgrades, periodic virus scanning, monitor warnings and notifications for the customers.

Root access to your server will be withhold by us when server management plan activated and customer can access always their server via a hosting control panel. Customers can feel free to opt out of server management plan and obtain their server root login.
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