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Yeahhost is a web hosting expert with more than 16 years experience in managing servers for hosting purposes that aims to remain as one of the best web hosting providers in Malaysia and worldwide.
Secure & Reliable with 99.99% Uptime
Our shared hosting servers are secured by multi-layers of security protections, together with redundancy capabilities that will ensure maximum service uptime for all users.
Equally Shared System Resources
All servers are constantly monitored by automated software system as well as human, to ensure high availability of all system resources to all users.
24/7 Technical Support
We provide round the clock technical support, 365 days a year.

Windows and Linux Hosting Platform

Both Windows and Linux hosting platforms are able to serve your web, database and email requirements. The choice between choosing between Windows or Linux hosting platform usually depends on the web designer, which type of scripting and database the designer use the develop the website.
Windows hosting runs on Microsoft Windows Server platform. It supports Microsoft .Net scriptingASP .NET, MVC, .Net Core and classic ASP scriptings. MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access databases are supported. Other scripts such as HTML & PHP are also supported on Windows web server (IIS). Windows hosting platform also supports popular open source scripts such as WordPress, nopcommerce and more. Windows hosting uses a user friendly control panel by the name of SolidCP for users to manage their hosting accounts.
Linux hosting accounts primarily supports HTML, PHP and Perl scriptingwhereas MySQL is the preferred database choice. With the bundled Softaculous program, users can easily install popular open source scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart and more with a single click. Linux uses the popular cPanel control panel for users to manage their hosting accounts.

Learn More About shared hosting

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting environment where multiple users share the same server resources to power their hosting features such as website, email, database, storage, DNS and more. This reduces the cost of hosting to make it  affordable and yet maintain its reliability when resources are equally and fairly shared.

Shared hosting servers are designed to cater such a need where all users' data are isolated from one another even though they share the same server resource, this enhances the security of all shared hosting accounts.

What is Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine divided from a dedicated host server.

VPS runs its own copy of operating system separated from the host server, allowing server administrators to have the flexibility to install and setup any software or server feature that is required. VPS resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk space and bandwidth can be clearly defined and allocated to each virtual server.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated server is a hosting service where the entire server is exclusively dedicated to a single customer. Customers whom order our dedicated server plan have full control of the server, such as root access to the operating system and dedicated server hardware. A dedicated server will be assigned with their own CPU, memory, storage space and IP address. Therefore, performance will not be affected by the usage patterns of other customers.

Dedicated servers are used for various purposes such as acting as a gaming server, database management server, host traffic intensive websites, run huge email volumes and many more. It is highly recommended for organizations or individuals who requires consistent performance to run their mission critical IT activities day in day out.

What is the Difference between Share and Dedicated Hosting?

Shared hosting users together shared hosting resources to bring down the total cost of ownership for having a hosting service. The shared resources primarily includes CPU, memory, disk I/O and bandwidth.

All shared hosting users have the responsibility to use the shared resources fairly so that all resources can be equally distributed among its group of users. The cost of a shared hosting account is affordable to individual and organization of all sizes.

Dedicated hosting is where all hosting resources are dedicated to a single owner, it may be a single user or an entire organization. The specification of server resources such as CPU, amount of memory, bandwidth, disk storage size and so on shall be determined by its owner during the ordering of the dedicated service. Since hosting resources are dedicated, consistent high performance is guaranteed.

Besides the need for performance to go for dedicated hosting, dedicated users also have the flexibility to setup any server functionalities or install any software onto the server based on their needs.

Location of Data Center

Our servers are located in ISO certified data centers at the hub of our nation Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, in Cyberjaya ("Silicon Valley of Malaysia") and in Penang, this provides optimum network and redundancy support to all our assets. Our Malaysia data centers are managed by TM VADS IDC. For overseas request, we have servers located in data center at Montreal Canada, Europe, Singapore and the USA.

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