Malaysia Cloud Servers    Lifetime Recurring Discount!  
High Performance Cloud Servers
Empowering Your Business with Confidence
   Up to 80.00% lifetime discount available!
As low as RM1180.00 /month
High Speed Cloud Storage
Admin / Root Access
Linux / Windows Server
High Uptime Guarantee
Malaysia Cloud Servers
High Performance Cloud Servers
Empowering Your Business with Confidence
High Speed Cloud Storage
Admin / Root Access
Linux / Windows Server
High Uptime Guarantee

Yeahhost's cloud servers are new generation dedicated servers in form of high performance logical servers built and serve through cloud computing platform. They deliver the best server hosting quality and most powerful performance at affordable rate, you can scale them up to super computing power any time!

Cloud Server CS1
80% Lifetime Recurring Discount
Starting from
RM 1180/ mo
Regular price RM 5900 / mo
10 vCPUs
2x 2TB Cloud Storage
Unmetered Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Linux / Windows Server
cPanel / MSPControl (Optional)
Cloud Server CS2
80% Lifetime Recurring Discount
Starting from
RM 1380/ mo
Regular price RM 6900 / mo
12 vCPUs
2x 3TB Cloud Storage
Unmetered Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Linux / Windows Server
cPanel / MSPControl (Optional)
Cloud Server CS3
80% Lifetime Recurring Discount
Starting from
RM 1580/ mo
Regular price RM 7900 / mo
14 vCPUs
2x 4TB Cloud Storage
Unmetered Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Linux / Windows Server
cPanel / MSPControl (Optional)
Cloud Server CS4
80% Lifetime Recurring Discount
Starting from
RM 1780/ mo
Regular price RM 8900 / mo
16 vCPUs
2x 5TB Cloud Storage
Unmetered Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Linux / Windows Server
cPanel / MSPControl (Optional)
Cloud Server CS5
80% Lifetime Recurring Discount
Starting from
RM 1980/ mo
Regular price RM 9900 / mo
20 vCPUs
2x 6TB Cloud Storage
Unmetered Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Linux / Windows Server
cPanel / MSPControl (Optional)
Cloud Server Features and Specifications
  • Intel Xeon 3Ghz+
  • Dedicated ECC RAM
  • High Speed Cloud Storage
  • Choose Windows Server or Linux OS
  • Optional SolidCP or WHM/cPanel Control Panel
  • Unlimited Free SSL (Control Panel Required)
  • Web & Mail Server Setup (Control Panel Required)
  • Setup Fee Waved
  • Admin Root Access
  • Server Management Plan

Additional Add-On

Cloud server provides high up-scale capability, additional cloud server specification can be added on anytime when needed. Please contact our sales team regarding additional add-on specifications for your cloud server if needed.
CPU Core
IP Address
Disk Storage
RAM Memory
Backup Drive

Yeahhost Smart Cloud Server Features and Details

Optimum Performance
Balanced & fair shared hosting performance for your website and email services.
Uptime Guarantee
High uptime guarantee provided by reliable servers & networking redundancy.
Strong Security
Latest security updates with antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam & firewall protection.
Technical Support
Technical support team provides direct high-level support to assist you when needed.
Data Mirroring
Mirroring provides real-time protection against data lost with minimum downtime upon hardware failure.
Value-For Money
Our company moto is to target your hosting needs and to give you value for money.
Highly Scalable
Hassle free scale up by upgrading your hosting plans anytime when the need arises.
Yeahhost Hosting Solutions
Hosting Expert
Yeahhost is a cloud hosting provider established since 2007 with experience in managing servers for hosting purposes and aims to remain as one of the best web hosting providers in Malaysia and worldwide.
Equally Shared System Resources
All servers are constantly monitored by automated system software as well as human intervention when needed, to ensure high availability of all system resources equally shared among all user accounts.
Secure & Reliable with High Uptime
Our shared hosting servers are secured by multi-layers of security protections, together with redundancy capabilities that will ensure maximum service uptime for all users.
24/7 Technical Support
We provide round the clock technical support, 365 days a year. Contact us by email, submit ticket or phone call.
Our Customers
Thanks for the unfaltering trusts and support from all of our customers since the year 2007, who range from individuals, micro-businesses, small & medium size organizations to large enterprises from all sort of industries and sectors. Just to name a few, below are some of our valued customers.
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Malaysia Smart Cloud Server
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Yeahhost Smart Cloud Server?

Our Smart Cloud Servers is a computing platform setup over the Internet. It consists of a cluster of high-performance servers, all servers connected together to provide a super computing environment to host our cloud virtual machines where its physical storage is stored in a Storage Area Network (SAN) access via fast fiber or iSCSI connection.

When resources are scarce or extra resources are needed, we are able to easily add servers into the cluster to increase its capacity without deteriorating its overall performance and reduce downtime. Cloud computing also provides flexibility to move instances of the cloud among its clusters of servers to provide load balancing capability.

With this setup, cloud computing provides the capability to scale up, provide resource load balancing functionality and fault tolerance. Cloud virtual machines get reliable performance, truly dedicated memory, high-performance RAID storage, high redundancy capabilities and value for money.

What situation requires a cloud server?

Cloud computing provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) where you are not required to worry about the maintenance of the physical machine. Users will have root access to their servers to be accessed via Remote Desktop of SSH. With root access, users are able to install, setup and configure the machines tailored to their own specific needs. Most importantly, cloud machines offer high-performance computing to cater to your business’s demands at a flexible cost.

Compared to shared hosting environment, shared hosting servers are setup as a pre-determined package and resources are shared among all the accounts in the shared server.

What redundency features does a cloud server have?

All servers in the cluster consist of redundant power source, redundant network connection and redundant storage drives in case of failure. Any one of the physical server machines in the cluster can be removed or replaced without downtime caused to the entire cloud computing network. Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high disk redundancy capabilities in case of failure to the storage device. All of this ensures near-zero downtime during failure or when maintenance work is being performed.

Location of Data Centre

Our servers are located in ISO certified data centres at the hub of our nation Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya ("Silicon Valley of Malaysia") and Penang. This provides optimum network and redundancy support to all our assets. Our Malaysia data centres are managed by TM VADS IDC. For overseas requests, we have servers located at the data centres in Montreal Canada, Europe, Singapore and the USA.

Other Hosting Solutions

You may choose other hosting solutions such as our affordable shared hosting plans or performance dedicated hosting plans.
Yeahhost Malaysia
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  • High uptime service guaranteed.
  • Provide high performance and reliable hosting solutions.
  • With more than 15 years hosting experience.
  • After sales support available by phone, email and ticketing.
  • Support available 24/7.
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