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About us
Yeahhost Sdn. Bhd. is a hosting and application provider. After establishing, Yeahhost quickly became a great place to buy affordable yet high-quality web solutions, hosting plans and domains. By focusing on providing user-friendly services and developing easy to use applications, Yeahhost stands out from all the other scalable providers. We have made our web hosting plans, reseller packages and applications so easy to use, that users can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Top-notch hosting innovations that Yeahhost is currently offering indirectly or directly to customers.

in our technology

We aim to be a leading web solution provider in the 21st century, serving our customers internationally through innovative and reliable solutions and services. By achieving this, we will enhance the wealth and well-being of our shareholders, our employees, our customers and the communities that we serve and in which we operate.

Our solutions are not limited to Internet-based businesses, but also work for many bricks and mortar companies. Our innovations include:
  • Mission-critical network solutions.
  • Implementation of a wide range of solutions in various industries.
  • Architectured strategies to increase productivity.
  • Foolproof environments.
  • Resources planning modules.
The huge sums saved each year via these techniques and technologies help our clients to gain a vital competitive edge. We will continue to increase our own levels of investment in order to enhance our core competitiveness in hosting and online solutions.

With the support of a strong quality management system, we have consistently delivered exceptional results with continuous improvements. Our staffs work 24/7 to achieve our goals and serve our customers.

Innovation in our service
Yeahhost pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a truly global application and hosting industry leader. And to do this, we have a service concept in line with our vision: we want to keep our customers happy worldwide.

How does our innovative service keep our customers happy? Our methods include –
  • Wide range of developments which utilising supercomputing in our services.
  • Use of cloud technology.
  • Using high-performance servers working in tandem for customers’ websites, applications, email and other services.
These techniques help our customers to eliminate roadblocks or single points of failure. They deliver rock-solid, useful and user-friendly applications and world-class after-sales service. Our outstanding competence and extraordinary team spirit give us great flexibility in deployment, thereby enabling us to be No.1 in terms of customer satisfaction.

Innovation in tackling the market
Yeahhost’s mission is to be the best business partner for both our customers and our resellers.

- To create a competitive advantage for our customers:
  • Nowadays, online marketing is becoming the critical success factor in business, but many business owners are still unable to trade their products via the Internet due to limitations on their skills and the unaffordable cost of developing their e-business. Based on the needs of our customers, we are developing different types of applications and software systems to assist our customers to become successful in their business.

- To generate a competitive advantage for our resellers:
  • In competitive markets, our resellers need attractive packages and solutions to meet customers’ needs. In order to gain a competitive advantage, we set up servers of unsurpassed quality and reliability to ensure our services and packages are the best choice for our resellers. Yeahhost is committed to providing the most convenient and easiest way for our resellers to deliver after-sales service to their customers.

The greatest challenge
Our greatest challenge is to offer a scalable and cost-effective approach that provides the best solution at every price point. It is relatively easy to be the best in a given niche. It is much harder to maintain excellence and competitive edge across the range.

And it’s not just old-style solutions. Every customer has their own specific requirements. Some customers might need larger storage. Others need high-speed network connections, supercomputing and much more. No single solution in the hosting industry can fulfil the entire needs of the market. For instance, integration with GPS just cannot be done through a conventional hosting control panel. We, therefore, provide a wide range of integrated solutions to assist our customers to grow and succeed in their rapidly changing markets.

But technical excellence alone will not address the challenge to be best across the range. We address this challenge by means of a powerful combination: continuous technical innovation plus relationship-based customer service. By getting this right, we deliver an unbeatable combination which makes us the solution provider with the most!
Yeahhost Premium Hosting Provider
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  Provide high performance and reliable service.
  With more than 16 years' hosting experience.
  After sales support available by phone, email and ticketing.
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