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Email Spam Filter Protection
Anti-Spam Protection Package & Price
No More Worry with Spam Filter Protection

Fighting spam is a serious business; let the expert handle them for you without affecting your daily operation. With self-learning spam detection technology, you may put your mind at ease and allow the spam filtering to do the work for you.

Spam Filter SE1
For only
RM 99.00
1 Mail Domain
1000 Email Accounts Protection
Unlimited Incoming Mail Filter
Filter Incoming Spams
Block Phishing Mails
Block Virus Attachments
Block Ransomware Spams
Quarantine Spams
anti-spam email protection
Spam Filter Feature List
High Accuracy 99.98%
Blocks away up to 99.98% of spam mails from user's mailbox, leaving only legit mails in the mailbox.
Self-Learning Technology
Equipped with self-learning technology to provide continuous updated spam and malware protection against the latest email threat.
Easy to Use
Follow simple steps to connect your domain to the spam filtering service, assistance will be provided to ensure a smooth transition.
Email Continuity
Perform troubleshooting and view email queue with ease via Email Continuity panel with various tools available.
Blocks Viruses & Ransomware
Each email is scanned for suspicious contents and malicious attachments before delivered to users' mailbox.
Whitelist & Blacklist
Whitelist list of email addresses to ensure that the mails always reach you, whereas Blacklist email addresses from known spammers.
Create Incoming Filters
Customize your incoming mail filters by creating new rules to allow or block specific sender at domain level.
Records All Mail Transactions
All incoming and outgoing mail transactions are recorded in timely manner, the report can be accessed easily by mail admins.
Optional Email Archiving & Quarantine
Email Quarantine and Email Archiving feature is optional; they can be enabled and configured on domain if required.
How Spam Mails can Harm Your Organisation?

Receiving spam mails can be annoying, especially if it affects daily operation and cause email users to become less productive.

Without a proper email filtering mechanism, email users have to manually read through each email received, they may miss out on highly important emails that need to be prioritized and put to high attention. If no filtering is applied, email users will receive all types of email, including emails with malicious contents such as viruses, malware and more. This will risk the users' computer to data breach, as viruses and malware infect the computer and cause harm to the files and folders stored in the computer.

Spam Filter Technology
How Does a Spam Filter Work?

Spam filtering provides protection to email users' mailboxes by performing scanning on the email contents before delivering them to the recipients.

There are several aspects that will be checked upon scanning before classifying the email as spam or non-spam. For non-spam mails, they will be delivered to the recipients' mailboxes without any issue. For emails with suspicious contents or attachments, they will be quarantined until further inspection is performed by the mail admins.
Anti-Spam Filter Comparison
Regular vs Commercial Spam Filter
Regular spam filter will work most of time, however the spam detection accuracy is lower than commercial spam filter. Spamming trend is always evolving, however thanks to the self-learning technology, commercial spam filter is able to identify and block them effectively.
Spam Detection Accuracy
Email Content Scanning
Sender Blacklist Check
Sender SPF Check
Scan Malware
Scan Phishing Mail
Email Continuity
Self Learning
Whitelist & Blacklist Sender
Report Spam
Quarantine Spams
Spam Filter
No Extra Cost
Spam Filter
High at 99.98%
Spam Experts
Spam Experts
Spam Filter
Package - SE2
High at 99.98%
Spam Experts
Spam Experts
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Anti-spam email protection
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Spam Email?

Spam email, also known as junk mail, is unsolicited mail sent to mass recipients. Spam email includes scam emails, advertisements, spoofing, phishing and more. Most of the time, spam email is sent for commercial purposes, however, over time, it evolves as spammers may include malicious contents in the email to infect the recipient's computer or device. With SpamExperts, spam email is automatically filtered on the server level before being delivered to the recipient's mailbox. SpamExperts is a spam filtering mechanism that provides continuous spam and malware protection. The filtering utilizes self-learning technology, which constantly updates the spam and malware database to provide protection against the latest spamming trends.

Why do I Receive Spam Emails?

There are many reasons why an email user receives many spam mails. In most cases, the email address has been listed in spammers database that is harvested from various sources. The most common source is when the user signs up for services on the Internet using the said email address, the email address that has been collected is stored and can be sold or shared to any external party for promotional purposes. Spambots can also harvest the email address that is published publicly on websites, forums, chat room and even address book of the hacked email account.

What is a Phishing Mail?

Phishing is a type of fraudulent attempt, the purpose is to obtain sensitive data such as username, password, credit card information and more. The trick is to deceive the recipients, making them believe that the message comes from the actual entity or organization. Phishing email normally contains malicious links that can lead to malware installation or bring the user to bogus web pages that are cloned from the real website. Users unknowingly entered sensitive information on the bogus site to gain access to the users' accounts.

How to Setup Anti-Spam Filter After Purchased?

After purchasing our spam filtering service, a set of instructions will be provided to you to point your email service to our end. Once the information is updated, your incoming mails will be routed to our server to allow the filtering process to take place before being delivered to your mailbox. This way, it will eliminate 99.98% of spam mails from reaching your mailbox, allowing you to focus on your daily operation. Please contact our support team if you require further assistance in configuring the spam filtering service.

Can I Order Your Spam Filter If I Host My Email Service Elsewhere?

You may host your email service elsewhere, and purchase a spam filtering service from our end. You will be provided with guidelines to connect your email service to our spam filtering service. Our support team is ready to assist you in implementing the service for you, this is to ensure that the transition process is smooth and seamless. Further configuration can be made to customize the spam filtering according to your needs.
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