Malaysia Windows Web Hosting
Lifetime Discount Promo
Up to 45% Discount
 RM399.00  /year
RM219.45 /year
Renewal at same discounted price!
200GB Storage Space
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Free SSL (HTTPS)
ASP .Net, .Net Core & MVC
MSSQL Database
200 x MySQL
DNS Management
WW Series
Lifetime Discount Promo
Up to 60% Discount
 RM899.00  /year
RM359.60 /year
Renewal at same discounted price!
600GB Storage Space
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Free SSL (HTTPS)
ASP .Net, .Net Core & MVC
MSSQL Database
600 x MYSQL
DNS Management
WW Series

Windows Hosting Features

Storage Space 200GB 600GB
Monthly Data Transfer Unmetered Unmetered
Annual Fee
(before discount)
RM399.00 RM899.00
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel
.Net Framework
.Net Core
PHP Script
Classic ASP
Sub-Domains Unlimited Unlimited
DNS Management Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarding Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple-Recipient Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
Auto Responder
SMTP Server
POP3 Server
IMAP Server
Spam Protection
MS SQL Server Database 1 1
MySQL Database 200 600
MS Access Database Unlimited Unlimited
PhpMyAdmin for MySQL
ODBC & .Net Connector
Control Panel SolidCP SolidCP
FTP Account Unlimited Unlimited
File Manager
Advanced Website Statistic
Classic ASP Scripting
ASP .Net Framework 2
ASP .Net Framework 3 & 3.5
ASP .Net Framework 4.5 & 4.6
.Net Core 1.x & 2.x
PHP Scripting
Server Side Include (SSI)
Customer MIME Type
IIS Web Server
Microsoft XML Parser
Web Forwarding
Custom Error Page
Default Document List
Virtual Directories
Secure Folders

Yeahhost Web Hosting Features

Optimum Performance
Balanced & fair shared hosting performance for your website and email services.
Uptime Guarantee
High uptime Guarantee provided by reliable servers & networking redundancy.
Strong Security
Latest security updates with antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam & firewall protection.
Techincal Support
Technical support team provides direct high-level support to assist you when needed.
Data Mirroring
Data mirroring ensures that your data is being backup at real time to avoid data lost.
Money-Back Guarantee
30 days money-back guarantee gives you confidence & assurance needed.
Value-For Money
Our company moto is to target your hosting needs and to givey ou value for money.
Highly Scalable
Hassle free scale up by upgrading your hosting plans anytime when the need arises.
Hosting Expert
With more than 16 years of experience in managing servers for hosting solutions, we have the expertise not just to survive but thrived in this challenging industry.
Secure & Reliable with High Uptime
Our shared hosting servers are secured by layers of security features, together with redundancy capabilities will ensure high uptime for all its users.
Equally Shared Resource
All server resources are constantly monitored by automated functions as well as human checking to ensure all shared users have equal shared resources.
24/7 Support When Needed
Support will be available when needed via phone, email or ticket.

Learn More About Web Shared Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to store their website in the cloud accessible via the World Wide Web and to have email functionality which users can receive email send to their domain extension (EG.

Yeahhost, as a hosting provider provides storage space in our shared hosting servers located in one of our data centre in Malaysia or overseas to serve the purpose of hosting your website and email accounts.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting environment where multiple users share the same server resources to power their hosting features such as website, email, database, storage, DNS and more. This reduces the cost of hosting to make it  affordable and yet maintain its reliability when resources are equally and fairly shared.

Shared hosting servers are designed to cater such a need where all users' data are isolated from one another even though they share the same server resource, this enhances the security of all shared hosting accounts.

What is the Difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

Shared hosting users together shared hosting resources to bring down the total cost of ownership for having a hosting service. The shared resources primarily includes CPU, memory, disk I/O and bandwidth.

All shared hosting users have the responsibility to use the shared resources fairly so that all resources can be equally distributed among its group of users. The cost of a shared hosting account is affordable to individual and organization of all sizes.

Dedicated hosting is where all hosting resources are dedicated to a single owner, it may be a single user or an entire organization. The specification of server resources such as CPU, amount of memory, bandwidth, disk storage size and so on shall be determined by its owner during the ordering of the dedicated service. Since hosting resources are dedicated, consistent high performance is guaranteed.

Besides the need for performance to go for dedicated hosting, dedicated users also have the flexibility to setup any server functionalities or install any software onto the server based on their needs.

Location of Data Centre

Our servers are located in ISO certified data centres at the hub of our nation Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, in Cyberjaya ("Silicon Valley of Malaysia") and in Penang, this provides optimum network and redundancy support to all our assets. Our Malaysia data centres are managed by TM VADS IDC. For overseas request, we have servers located in data centre at Montreal Canada, Europe, Singapore and the USA.

Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Solutions

If our shared hosting plans are does not meet your hosting requirement, you may choose to upgrade to a Cloud or Dedicated Hosting solution. Click onto the buttons below to view other hosting solutions that we provide.
Yeahhost Premium Hosting Provider
  High uptime guaranteed.
  Provide high performance and reliable hosting solutions.
  With more than 15 years' hosting experience.
  30 days money-back guarantee for shared hosting.
  Support available 24/7.
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