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Learn More About Domain Name and TLD Domain

Why Choose Top Level Domain Domain?

Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions such as .com, .net, .biz, .org or others are a popular choice, none binding to any specific country, does not require supporting documents to register, no keyword restriction, has a shorter domain extension & it cost less when compared to country code domain extensions. It comes with build-in DNS management tools and optional domain privacy protection can be add-on if needed.

What is a Domain Name and What is a TLD Domain?

A domain name is your unique internet identity that is used by the public to locate and communicated with you in cyberspace. It is formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS), your registered domain name will be registered in the global DNS accessible all around the world.

A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domain names that is at the highest level in the hierarchical DNS, it is not bind to any country and is registered under the global records at Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Domain Privacy Protection Explained

When a domain name is being registered, all particulars of the owner of the domain such as organization/company name, contact person, address, phone, fax and email are exposed to the public and can be viewed when searching for through the domain's WHOIS record. With Domain Privacy Protection turned on, it hides all the particulars of your domain’s ownership from being exposed to the public through the domain's WHOIS record.

Domain Transfer Requirements

You can transfer your TLD domain to Yeahhost domain registrar for renewal at a minimum 7 days before expiry date or 45 days after its initial registration, however under certain circumstances the domain can be transferred 1 day before it's expiry date depending on the arrangement. Below are the requirements needed to transfer a TLD domain, all requirements can obtained from your current domain registrar or from the party that you bought the domain name from in preparation for the domain name to be transferred.

  • Domain Registrar URL:
  • Domain Registrar Username:
  • Domain Registrar Password:
  • EPP Code (aka Authentication Code):
  • Domain Status: ACTIVE
  • Lock: NO
  • Privacy Protection: OFF
  • Domain Admin Email: BELONGS TO THE OWNER

Domain Life Cycle, Expiry and Redemption Period Explained

A TLD domain has to be renewed within 30 days after its expiration date, if not it will enter its redemption period of 45 days and during its redemption period the renewal fee would cost a minimum USD99 set by ICANN. After its redemption period has expired, the domain will be deleted and open to public for re-registration as a new domain name.

What is a Domain Manager?

A domain manager is a password protected web based control panel where are you able to login and manage your domain name. You can change your domain’s contact information, turn on/off privacy protection, change domain name servers, manage your domain’s DNS record and many more features. This ensures you, as the owner of the domain name have total control of the domain.
A domain name alone is the first step of having your very own internet identity, it requires an add-on hosting plan to have website and email functionalities. Kindly consider our popular shared hosting plans with your TLD domain name or view our dedicated hosting plans by selecting the categories below.

Besides TLD domains, we are the registrar of various country-code top level domain (ccTLD) names from countries in all continents listed below, select the country/continent from below for more information and register your country code domain that relates to you. A country code domain name is a unique way to identify you or your organization with its respective country.

What you can do with a domain name?
  Be immediately identified on the internet!
    Order our hosting plan and start develop your new website today! 
  Have emails send to you @yourDomain when add-on with our hosting plan.
    Point your domain to your favorite blog site or other MX records. 

  Contact us if your desired domain extension is not listed and we will find it for you.
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