Explore our range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions that that meets your requirements and equally important, your budget!
Cloud SSD Linux VPS
Malaysia host VPS with the popular Almalinux or Ubuntu operating system with SSH root access & optional cPanel addon.
Up to 60% Lifetime Discount!
2 ~ 16 Intel Xeon vCPU
2 ~ 16GB Dedicated ECC RAM
50 ~ 300GB Cloud SSD Storage
Linux OS | Optional cPanel Addon
Starting from
RM 35.00/mo
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Cloud SSD Windows VPS
Malaysia host Microsoft's Windows Server VPS, host Windows or .Net web applications on the cloud with remote desktop access.
Up to 60% Lifetime Discount!
2 ~ 16 Intel Xeon vCPU
2 ~ 16GB Dedicated ECC RAM
50 ~ 300GB Cloud SSD Storage
Windows Server VPS OS
Starting from
RM 36.00/mo
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SSD Premium VPS
Fast network throughput coupled with large scale anti-DDoS protection, optional Linux or Windows VPS. Best for gaming server.
Up to 50% Lifetime Discount!
2 ~ 8 Intel Xeon vCPU
3 ~ 12GB Dedicated ECC RAM
55 ~ 180GB Cloud SSD Storage
Linux | Windows Server VPS OS
Starting from
RM 67.00/mo
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Windows Server
Dedicated RAM
SSD Storage
Disk Mirror
Weekly Backup
Firewall Protection

Cloud SSD VPS Comparison Chart

Storage Size
Storage Type
Windows OS
Linux OS
Web Control Panel
Server Access
Free Server Management Plan
Anti-DDOS Protection
2 to 16
2GB to 16GB
50GB to 300GB
Cloud SSD
Optional cPanel License Addon
SSH Root
Starting from
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2 to 16
2GB to 16GB
50GB to 300GB
Cloud SSD
Optional Free SolidCP
Remote Desktop
Starting from
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2 to 8
3GB to 12GB
55GB to 180GB
SSH Root/Remote Desktop
Starting from
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Ultra-Fast Cloud SSD VPS Storage
Run your business faster! Experience lightning-fast disk IO speed with our cloud SSD storage solution! No matter for database or file storage purposes, most of today's applications requires fast disk read and write IO speed however disk IO has become the bottleneck for many IT systems. High demand applications hosted on a VPS usually encounter performance bottleneck due to low performing IO. Our Malaysia Cloud SSD VPS are host on cloud based SSD storage systems that is optimized and setup to obtain the highest possible disk IO performance which can produce speed 3x faster than traditional SSD storage.
Linux cPanel VPS & Windows SolidCP VPS
Linux VPS Web Control Panel
WHM cPanel VPS Control Panel
Linux VPS with the optional licensed WHM/cPanel addon converts your VPS into a powerful cPanel VPS! Our ready to go Linux cPanel VPS are carefully setup and configured by our certified cPanel experts.

The popular WHM cPanel VPS addon is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage your server through a web browser with its user friendly web interface.

cPanel VPS servers are web hosting servers that offers secure web and email hosting solutions to your clients or for your own use. You can create cPanel hosting accounts, web space, addon domains, manage email accounts, DNS, FTP, databases and many other functions; all from a user-friendly web-based interface.
Windows VPS Web Control Panel
SolidCP VPS Control Panel
Available for Windows VPS is the free open-source web based SolidCP web control panel, pre-configure and ready to use.

SolidCP web-based control panel converts your VPS to become a web hosting server. It allows you to easily manage the Windows VPS via a web browser with ease.

Users can create website bind to IIS, manage email accounts, modify DNS, create MSSQL/MySQL database, install free SSL certificate for website and more.
Server Management
VPS Server Management Plan
Worry about managing a cloud VPS server? Not familiar with Linux OS or Windows Server environment? Leave it to our experts with our optional FREE server management plan.

Choose a Linux VPS with licensed WHM/cPanel web control panel or select the free available SolidCP web control panel for Windows VPS and leave the VPS server root/administrator to us to manage your server for you. We do the server management work while you focus on your business!

* VPS server management plan is available to VPS that have a web-based control panel. VPS server root/administrator login will be hold & manage by our expert server engineering team.
Suggested VPS Server Usage Purposes
  • VPS to host Windows based applications
  • Host Windows accounting software & access it from anywhere
  • VPS to host ASP .NET, .NET Core on IIS
  • Setup as MSSQL database server
  • Windpows VPS for forex trading apps, EG. MT4
  • Remote Desktop access
  • WHM cPanel VPS addon for web hosting purpose, best for web design providers, SEO providers or anyone that which to be a web hosting provider.
  • Linux VPS to host Linux applications
  • Linux VPS supports Apache, Ngix & LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Host PHP and or MySQL web applications
  • SSH root access
  • Best to host game VPS
  • Large scale anti-DDOS protection
  • Low latency network access across Asia
  • Windows SSD VPS or Linux SSD VPS options available
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Your Preferred Best Malaysia VPS Host Provider
Enterprise Cloud SSD Storage Technology
All SSD VPS are powered by enterprise grade cloud SSD storage technology for high performing I/O speed and reliability.
Dedicated ECC RAM
Our VPS are assigned with truly dedicated Server grade ECC RAM guarantees dedicated performance.
Premium Data Centre & Bandwidth
All VPS are hosting in certified Malaysia & Singapore data centres with reliable metro ethernet connectivity with low network latency access nationwide.
Anti-DDoS Protection
Large scale data centre level, always on anti-DDoS protection available for Premium VPS plans. Best for gaming servers.
VPS Server Hosting Provider
  • High uptime guaranteed.
  • High Speed and Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Powered by Fast Cloud Storage Systems.
  • Windows VPS & Linux VPS option.
  • Linux cPanel VPS license option.
  • Free server management plan Option.
  • Premium Certified Data Centre
  • Technical support available 24/7.
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