Premium VPS Server Hosting

Premium VPS Server Hosting

Yeahhost Malaysia VPS hosting plans provides server root access to users that require to custom setup their very own private server. Yeahhost Malaysia VPS supports both Windows VPS or Linux VPS platform at a cheap, affortable & budget friendly price.
VPS Server VH1
50% Lifetime Discount
Starting from
Normal Price  RM110.00 
2 vCPUs
Intel Xeon Processor
2GB Dedicated ECC RAM
2 x 100GB Disk Space (RAID)
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Dedicated IP Included
Admin / Root Access
Free SSL (Control Panel Required)
Anti-DDoS Protection
Windows VPS or Linux VPS
VPS Server VH2
50% Lifetime Discount
Starting from
Normal Price  RM230.00 
4 vCPUs
Intel Xeon Processor
4GB Dedicated ECC RAM
2 x 150GB Disk Space (RAID)
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Dedicated IP Included
Admin / Root Access
Free SSL (Control Panel Required)
Anti-DDoS Protection
Windows VPS or Linux VPS
VPS Server VH3
50% Lifetime Discount
Starting from
Normal Price  RM450.00 
8 vCPUs
Intel Xeon Processor
8GB Dedicated ECC RAM
2 x 200GB Disk Space (RAID)
Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
222Mbps Bandwidth Speed
Dedicated IP Included
Admin / Root Access
Free SSL (Control Panel Required)
Anti-DDoS Protection
Windows VPS or Linux VPS
VPS Server Hostiing
Premium VPS Feature List
Larger Disk Storage
Our VPS stores data on enterprice grade HDD disk storages that are larger in capacity and has high reliable rate.
Anti-DDoS Protection
Data centre level anti-DDOS protection has the capability to process up to 4,0966Gbps of traffic mitigation.
Dedicated ECC RAM
Truly dedicated ECC RAM (memory) assigned to each VPS servers ensures guaranteed expected performance.
Admin Root Access
Administrator/root access control provides users with total control of their VPS servers to perform server administrative tasks.
All VPS servers released are patched with the latest security updates and bug fixes to protect against vulnerabilities.
Web Control Panel Option
Optional Linux WHM/cPanel or Windows SolidCP web-based control panel allows you to manage your VPS servers with ease.
External Backup Option
Optional external backup storage can be added on and configured to perform schedule backup for data recovery purpose.
Backed by 12 Tbps High Quality Bandwidth
VPS host data centre is equipped with 12 Tbps of bandwidth total capacity with 32 Points of Presence offers high speed quality of service.
Server Management Included
Server management plan can be included to VPS servers that have WHM/cPanel or SolidCP control panel added on.
Who Needs a VPS - Virtual Private Server?
Web hosting resellers ...
Host multiple of your own customers' cPanel accounts by choosing our Linux VPS together with the powerful WHM/cPanel web based control panel.

Owner of eCommerce or popular websites ...
Easily launch your eCommerce site that can cater to many concurrent visitors with our powerful VPS.

Web & Application Developers ...
Host your custom-built web or mobile applications on our VPS which is flexible and allows customizations.

Database administrators ...
Setup your very own VPS private server as a dedicated MySQL or MSSQL database server that can handle high disk I/O to perform big data crunching.

Mail Server administrators ...
Host large pool of email users with large daily email transactions with anti-spam preconfigured into a vps email hosting server.

Host accounting software ...
Setup your accounting software to be accessible anytime & anywere via Windows Remote Desktop; eliminate the need to host a server at your office.

File Share ...
Share work documents online by setting up your VPS as a file server.

Forex Application ...
Run your forex app such as MetaTrader in the background 24/7 without the need to own a computer at home.

Direct Root Access

For self-managed VPS virtial private servers or dedicated servers, you can access and manage it remotely through the root or admin user and have full control on your servers to setup the function and perform the task needed.
You can access your Windows servers from remote location by using the Remote Desktop client software which provides a user with a graphical interface.
You can access your Linux servers remotely vis SSH protocol, SSH is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Client software such as Putty can be use.

Web Based Control Panel

The optional web hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by us that allows users to manage your server and hosted services such as create domain, manage email accounts, DNS, FTP, databases and so on. Linux servers uses the popular license WHM/cPanel where as Windows Servers uses MSPControl or SolidCP control panel.
Feel free to contact us 24/7 at 604-6415668
Malaysia SSD VPS Hosting Provider
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VPS Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine divided from a dedicated host server.

VPS runs its own copy of operating system separated from the host server, allowing server administrators to have the flexibility to install and setup any software or server feature that is required. VPS resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk space and bandwidth can be clearly defined and allocated to each virtual server.

Benifits of VPS Virtual Private Server.

VPS, also known as virtual private server provides virtual server resources that is configured as your own private server box with your preferred operating system such as Windows Servers or Linux.

Compared to share hosting enviroment where a server's resources and settings are shared with other users in a share host enviroment. A VPS allows you to configure server resources according to your own needs and enable/install features/software that is required to run your critical business application.

In summary, a VPS Virtual Private Server provides you with more premium server resources compared to share hosting, control of your VPS with admin root access and flexibility in setup/configuration.

What operating system is suitable for me? Windows VPS or Linux VPS server?

Operating system is the main software of your SSD VPS, you can choose between Windows Server or Linux operating system.

Windows Server operating system by Microsoft will have the familiar Windows user experience that we are all familiar with, all Microsoft technologies such as ASP .Net and MSSQL database can run or runs better in a Windows Server.

Linux together with the powerful WHM/cPanel web based control panel is optimized to host your PHP scripts and supports major content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, WooCommerce to name a few.

How to migrate from my current share hosting account into a VPS?

If you plan to upgrade your current share hosting account with us to a VPS, we will perform the migration for you with no extra cost. In summary, we will migrate for you for free and schedule the migration with minimum impact to your daily business operation.

If you are hosting with an external host provider and wish to migrate to our VPS, we will look into your current hosting account and plan the migration with you.

Can I upgrade my VPS specs when needed?

You may easily scale up your VPS server specifications such as increase CPU, RAM or disk storage by upgrading your VPS package at any time with minimum downtime. Feel free to contact us if you need customized VPS that is not specified in any of our hosting packages.
Premium VPS Hosting Provider
  • High uptime guaranteed ensures your VPS server is operational.
  • Large Bandwidth Speed with Anti-DDOS Protection.
  • Larger HDD or faster SSD storage option available.
  • Choose between Windows & Linux VPS Server operating system.
  • Optional cPanel or SolidCP Control Panel.
  • Technical support available 24/7.
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