Malaysia Dedicated Server
Our dedicated server plans are designed to suit the needs of resource hungry hosting requirements. We believe that performance and reliability are the top most criteria required to support our customers' mission critical applications, that is why every dedicated server delivered is well-equipped and have to be at its best state. You may choose between MS Windows Server or Linux operating system.

Pro Xeon Hexa
RM1299.00 /m
Intel Xeon Hexa Core
2 x 3TB Enterprise Hard Drive (6TB)
2 x Gigabit NIC
Unmetered Data Transfer
5 IP Addresses (Up to 8 IP)
DS Series
Stock Under Replenishment
Enterprise Xeon Hexa
RM1899.00 /m
2 x Intel Xeon Hexa Core
4 x 3TB Enterprise Hard Drive (12TB)
2 x Gigabit NIC
Unmetered Data Transfer
10 IP Addresses (Up to 16 IP)
DS Series
Stock Under Replenishment
Superior Xeon Hexa
RM2899.00 /m
2 x Intel Xeon Hexa Core
6 x 3TB Enterprise Hard Drive (18TB)
2 x Gigabit NIC
Unmetered Data Transfer
15 IP Addresses (Up to 32 IP)
DS Series
Stock Under Replenishment

Yeahhost Dedicated Hosting Features

Dedicated features that can only be found in our dedicated hosting plans.
Best Performance
Dedicated server provides the best performance for your hosting needs, all server resources belongs only to you.
Data Mirroring
Enterprise Grade RAID will ensure your data always have a mirrored copy on two or more disks, it is a must have feature for peace of mind.
Hardware Guarantee
All hardware are guaranteed for life and will be replaced if faulty without extra charges.
Dedicated Support
Dedicated server comes with dedicated support, particular technician will be assigned to you.
Initial Setup Assistance
Initial setup of all relevant components such as antivirus, firewall, latest updates, DNS & more.
Full Hardware Test<
All servers run through thorough testing before it is being delivered to the customers.
Fully Manage
We fully take care of your servers to ensure optimum performance and uptime, all the time.
Highly Scalable
Scale up by upgrading your hardware anytime you need when the need arises without hassle.

Additional Add-On

Additional server features can be added on if needed, or downgrade if not required to accommodate your budget. Please contact our sales team regarding add-on items for your dedicated server.

Yeahhost Dedicated Hosting

Our affordable server solutions are designed for the small to medium size business looking for high performance with enterprise class hardware.
The plans don’t suit your need? Don’t worry! You can custom your server according to your specifications and budget.
Server Grade Hardware
All servers delivered to the customers are equipped with server-grade hardware, its a real server!
Dedicated Support
Contact us 24/7 for dedicated support.
NEED CUSTOMIZED PLAN? Please call our sales team at (604) 641 5668

Learn More About Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated server is a hosting service where the entire server is exclusively dedicated to a single customer. Customers whom order our dedicated server plan have full control of the server, such as root access to the operating system and dedicated server hardware. A dedicated server will be assigned with their own CPU, memory, storage space and IP address. Therefore, performance will not be affected by the usage patterns of other customers.

Dedicated servers are used for various purposes such as acting as a gaming server, database management server, host traffic intensive websites, run huge email volumes and many more. It is highly recommended for organizations or individuals who requires consistent performance to run their mission critical IT activities day in day out.

Benefit of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers have many benefits and below are a few of them:
  • Full control over server, users have the root access to the server.
  • Flexibility, install software programs or setup configurations based on your own requirements.
  • Server shall be customized according to user’s preferences such as hardware configuration and type of OS.
  • Resources allocated are 100% dedicated to you, results in better consistent performance.
  • Not affected by other users, unlike in a shared hosting environment.

Who Should Choose Dedicated Server?

So who should choose dedicated hosting server rather than shared hosting plan? Below are some guidelines.
  • Very-high-traffic website owners, be it an info site or ecommerce site.
  • Individuals or organizations who need consistent performance and not being affected by others.
  • Users with high volume email usage.
  • Administrators who requires special server configuration and software installation.

What is the Difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

Shared hosting users together shared hosting resources to bring down the total cost of ownership for having a hosting service. The shared resources primarily includes CPU, memory, disk I/O and bandwidth.

All shared hosting users have the responsibility to use the shared resources fairly so that all resources can be equally distributed among its group of users. The cost of a shared hosting account is affordable to individual and organization of all sizes.

Dedicated hosting is where all hosting resources are dedicated to a single owner, it may be a single user or an entire organization. The specification of server resources such as CPU, amount of memory, bandwidth, disk storage size and so on shall be determined by its owner during the ordering of the dedicated service. Since hosting resources are dedicated, consistent high performance is guaranteed.

Besides the need for performance to go for dedicated hosting, dedicated users also have the flexibility to setup any server functionalities or install any software onto the server based on their needs.

Windows Server and Linux Platform Comparison

Both MS Windows Server and Linux OS platforms are able to serve your web, database, email or other specific task that a server can perform. The choice between Windows Server or Linux platforms usually depends on the requirement of the solution that it is built upon or the preference of the system administrator. Below is a brief comparison of the differences between both platforms.

FEATURES \ PLATFORM Windows Server Linux
OS Version Windows Server 2012 CentOS 6.3
Web Control Panel WebsitePanel WHM cPanel (optional)
Root Access Remote
Web Server IIS Apache
.Net Framwork & ASP .Net
PHP Scripting
Other Scripting Support
MS SQL Database
MySQL Database + PhpMyAdmin

Location of Data Centre

Our servers are located in ISO certified data centres at the hub of our nation Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, in Cyberjaya ("Silicon Valley of Malaysia") and in Penang, this provides optimum network and redundancy support to all our assets. Our Malaysia data centres are managed by TM VADS IDC. For overseas request, we have servers located in data centre at Montreal Canada, Europe, Singapore and the USA.

Other Hosting Solutions

You may choose other hosting solutions such as our affordable shared hosting plans, VPS or smart dedicated hosting plans.
Dedicated Hosting Plan Supports
High dedicated server uptime guaranteed.

High performance, the ultimate solution.
Hardware lifetime warranty.
After sales support available by phone, email and ticketing.

Support available 24/7.